White House-Bathroom Furniture Set by Gozde Tufekci Mercan

Gozde Tufekci Mercan Creates The White House Bathroom Furniture Set

Gozde Tufekci Mercan, the designer of the award winning project Bathroom Furniture Set:WHITE HOUSE by Gozde Tufekci Mercan says, Whitehouse bath furniture collection,which strives to achieve a functional and minimalist language for baths,has an approach that is based on functionality with the promise of a light,refreshing and stylish bath experience. The collection,as a modular product family with a flexible design compatible with many different locales,can be shaped to the preferences of the user. With six different storage units,the family of products can adapt to very different bath layouts such as small,corner,large and includes distinctive features that has been adapted to the bath for the first time. .

White House-Bathroom Furniture Set by Gozde Tufekci Mercan Images:

VIA: http://competition.adesignaward.com/design.php?ID=26878

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